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Owning a Nissan is all about confidence and that confidence is justified by the most committed and thorough aftersales service on the Irish market today. For starters, every Nissan car comes with our 3 year/100,000km Pan-European warranty. If that’s not enough to seal the deal, your new Nissan also comes with 3 years Pan-European Roadside Assistance, in association with Aviva Rescue in Ireland.

Nissan vehicles are designed to provide you with the very best in comfort and safety, but as you drive your Nissan, wear and tear of various components will inevitably occur. There is only one way to protect your investment and guarantee the performance, reliability and safety of your new Nissan and that’s by having all maintenance work carried out by our fully trained technicians using only Nissan parts.

When you come to service your vehicle you will be presented with menu priced, competitive pricing, so there won’t be any unpleasant surprises. What’s more, our qualified service technicians use only certified genuine Nissan parts to maximise the lifespan of your car. Your Nissan is a technologically advanced vehicle, so as part of every service our technicians will check for, and apply software and component upgrades, free of charge. We guarantee that Nissan aftersales will see to the needs of your vehicle. For us, and for Nissan drivers only optimal performance & safety is good enough.

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