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End of Life Vehicles

Around 120,000 vehicles reach the end of their life in Ireland each year. The End of Life Vehicles (ELV’s) Directive (200053EC) is concerned with cars, vans and certain other defined vehicles.

The directives main requirements are to ensure that:

Producer limit the use of certain hazardous substances in the manufacture of new vehicles and actively promote the recyclability of vehicles.

ELV’s are to be subject to de-pollution prior to dismantling, recycling or disposal.
Treatment facilities are to be licensed to carry out the above directive prior to disposal. These centres are called ATF’s – Authorised Treatment Facilities.

It is Nissan Ireland’s intention to comply in all matters relating to environmental and recycling arising from any EU Directives on ELV issues.

Take Back Procedure

The Legislation on End of Life Vehicles (E.L.V.) under the EU Directive (200053EC) is enforced as of 1st January 2007.

All vehicles are eligible for free take-back upon delivery to any of the Nissan Ireland Approved A.T.F’s (Authorised Treatment Facilities). For details of these A.T.F’s, see below.
A certificate of destruction will be issued by the centre and is an integral requirement in order to deregister the vehicle.

Once the certificate has been issued the vehicle then becomes De-Polluted
The process of selective dismantling then commences, segmenting all parts, hazardous material, fluids, components and eventual shredding of the actual remaining body.

A vehicle presented for recycling must be complete and must not have any major components missing, i.e. engine, gearbox, air bags, etc. nor can it have additional waste added to it.
Nissan Ireland is fully committed to achieving & exceeding all targets laid down in the E.L.V. Directives.

Nissan Green Shop

Nissan’s dealers are the crucial links that connect our customers with our cars. To address customer concerns about the environment and to act with accountability, Nissan Ireland will adopt a proactive approach to protecting the environment.

Nissan Ireland will shortly introduce Nissan Green Shop. Dealerships showing the Nissan Green Shop logo will have demonstrated responsible environmental behaviour including the appropriate handling of end-of-life vehicles as well as the processing and recycling of waste generated at dealerships as a result of service and repair activities. Nissan Irelands aim is to demonstrate that our dealers take responsibility for minimizing any environmental impact resulting from their business activities.

Environmental Policy

Achieving a cleaner automotive society. Nissan aims to reduce the environmental impact at every stage of the vehicle life cycle, namely product development, manufacturing, use and disposal, in order to create a cleaner living environment.

Conserving natural resources and energy. Because the earth’s natural resources and energy supplies are finite, Nissan is advancing efforts to minimize their consumption at every stage of the vehicle life cycle.

Expanding and continuously improving Nissan’s environmental management system.

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