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Environmentally Friendly Vehicle Production

As our natural resources are limited, Nissan’s goal is to improve the standards of the vehicle’s production in order to reduce waste.

Nissan UK and Spain: 90% recycling

Nissan’s plants based in the UK and Spain are working to reduce waste through recycling, reuse and recovery activities.

As a result of these actions, Nissan has already achieved a more than 90% recycling rate for our plants that produce light commercial vehicles and passengers cars. Constant efforts to improve the recycling rates are due to continue in all Nissan plants.

ISO 14001

In 1998 our plants located in UK (NMUK) and Spain (NMISA) introduced ISO 14001, the international standard for environmental management system for vehicle production.

They set up improvement objectives to control emissions into the air, water and soil, manage waste, use energy efficiently and continually improve environmental performance.

Renewable energy: UK wind farm

As a part of continuous improvement, the NMUK plant built a wind farm at the plant. The generation of renewable energy cut carbon dioxide emissions at power plants by more than 3000 tonnes per year.

In October 2005 NMUK installed and started generating electricity from six 660kW recycled wind turbines.

Energy provided will be equivalent to 1800 UK homes
CO2 reduction of 3,300 tonnes per year.
First wind farm in the North East to be enclosed entirely within an industrial area
Project provides 18% of the Tyne & Wear Local Authority renewable energy generation target
Project praised by the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) for being in the urban environment
Wind farm has been used for NMUK’s community relations activities and support of the engineering educational scheme
Saving energy in Spain
Aware of the need for an effective use of our natural resources, the NMISA plant works proactively to reduce the use of energy, materials, water, and waste going to the landfill.

Since the end of March 2007 NMISA has used renewable energy in order to save energy use.
The project consists of the installation of:

Photovoltaic cells at the Zona Franca and Ávila plants to generate electricity
Thermal Solar Panels at the Ávila plant to heat water. This energy will generate 33% of the energy consumed in the Paint Shop baths.
NMISA is the first automotive company in Europe to install this type of renewable energy. The energy saving will be 1.400.000 kwh/year, calculated to eliminate 317 t of CO2 emissions per year.

Efficient, environmental production

During the whole life cycle of a vehicle, Nissan aims to reduce waste and provide quality, safe and environmentally friendly vehicles. In a vehicle’s production phase, we improve production efficiency and consider environmental needs.

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