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Reuse, Recycle, Recover

Nissan’s objective is to develop easy to recycle vehicles when they come to the end of their useful life. At Nissan we focus on the recycling, reuse and recovery of our cars in order to save our natural resources, reduce CO2 emissions and minimise waste disposal.

An attitude that spans all stages

Reuse, recycling and recovery are taken into account by Nissan at all stages of a vehicle’s life cycle (design, production, sales and service & disposal).

At the design and development stage, Nissan concentrates on improving design for recycling by selecting easy to recycle materials, increasing the use of recycled materials and facilitating the dismantling of our cars’ components. At the production stage the objective is to reduce if not to eliminate waste. During the sales and service stage, our dealers respect the environmental requirements in their daily activities. At the disposal phase, vehicles that have reached the end of their useful life are treated and recycled to reduce landfill waste and to protect air, water and soil.

As good as new

Nissan meets the European requirements by including more recycled plastic in each new model. These recycled materials have to meet the same strict technical requirements for performance, safety and durability as virgin materials in the areas where they are applied.

The quality of recycled plastics is improving and makes no concession to quality or performance. Today, Nissan applies the usual black applications for recycled plastic which are not immediately visible. Furthermore we also have a range of visible/colour matched (in grey or dark colours) recycled plastic parts, as well as the under body wheel arch liners, splash guards, protector covers, and drafter ducts. Nissan is constantly looking to develop further recycled plastic applications.

Increasing recyclable use

Nissan recognizes the potential to include around 40kg of recycled materials in our European vehicles. By doing so Nissan seeks to protect our natural resources and to reduce landfill waste.

Over 50 parts have been developed using recycled plastics material in the latest models. The applied recycled materials meet the quality and consistency of virgin grade materials. These parts function identically to those manufactured with virgin materials.

Keeping our customers in mind

Nissan’s mission is to provide you with vehicles that satisfy your expectations and to save the environment. The whole Nissan process, starting from the development and design phase of the vehicle, is focused on maximising customer satisfaction.

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