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What you Should Know About the ELV

What is an end of life vehicle (ELV)?

As nothing lasts forever, a vehicle will arrive at the end of its life. Although a Nissan ELV is no longer suitable for daily use, it is not worthless but still has a value. Every end of life vehicle contains expensive raw materials (steel, light metals, alloys, aluminium, cupper, zinc etc.) that can be recycled and reused as material.

Legislation governing end of life vehicles in Europe

In 2000 the European Union issued the End of Life Vehicle (ELV) Directive. Each member state had the obligation to translate it into national legislation.

The purpose of this directive is to minimise waste from end of life vehicles. This initiative is meant to protect the air, water and soil and also to make future generations of automobiles more recyclable.

What does the legislation include?

This legislation introduced clear recycling targets to make end of life vehicles more environmentally friendly. It further limits the use of lead, mercury, cadmium and hexavalent chromium in new vehicles. The legislation also requires car manufacturers to mark recyclable materials for easy identification.

In the future, new vehicles will have to prove that they are recyclable for their material or recoverable as energy before their introduction on the market. A method of calculation is proposed to support this requirement. The ELV directive covers all passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, vans up to 3.5t and minibuses up to 9 seats.

How to dispose of your vehicle

Nissan is engaged to take back all vehicles in its collection networks at the end of their useful life, at zero cost for the last owner. In each EU market Nissan has set up a network of treatment operators that assure free hand-over of your old Nissan.

If you want to dispose of your old Nissan, you can bring your vehicle to one of Nissan’s treatment partners. Upon delivery you will receive a certificate of destruction (COD) at no cost.

This COD will be useful to deregister your vehicle and will relieve you from further obligations.

Terms and Conditions for free take back of the ELV
You must deliver your ELV to the national Nissan collection network with all its essential components as it would be in road-worthy condition & without addition of waste.

To find the nearest collection point, find a list of ELV dealers here

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