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Nissan drivers tend to know what they like, they tend to be individuals. So whether it’s for the personal or practical touch, we have a great range of accessories for your vehicle, all of which can be professionally fitted at your local dealership by one of our expert technicians.

All New Next Generation Nissan Qashqai Accessories

Make it your own! Give your QASHQAI a sharp, individual edge with Nissan’s Genuine Accessories. Pick ‘n’ mix your favourites at your nearest Nissan dealer and customise your QASHQAI to suit you.


 Juke Personalisation


Dare to Differ. Differentiate your JUKE with our Exclusive Personalisation Packs: playful, colourful, stylish and unique.


Excitement, energy, passion and strength: JUKE, dressed to kill. Sign off your style to perfection with the JUKE Personalisation Premium Pack, 4 customised accessories to bring out the JUKE in you. Spruce up your JUKE with mirror caps, foglamp rings, trunk handle and side sills: pure class. Opt for the Premium pack in Glossy White, Silver Grey, Force Red or Orange Racing.

Colours speak louder than words.

Creative, enlightened, sharp and intelligent: it all starts with you. The Nissan JUKE Personalisation Light Pack: two customised accessories that make all the difference. Select Silver Grey for a subtle, sophisticated edge. Or go for bold with mirror caps and foglamp rings in Force Red, Glossy White or Orange Racing.

Looking for attention? Vitality and endurance, Ideas and action, break fresh ground in orange

Black Juke orange Kit 

So you’re thinking about making a statement with the Orange Racing Light Pack? Or going for the full works with the Orange Racing Premium Pack? Something even more special? Oh yes… opt for the JUKE Personalisation Exclusive (or Limited Edition) Pack and show your true colours with an Orange Racing roof spoiler and mirror caps. Brilliantly original.


The last word & the ultimate finish with these 17″ Alloy wheels and centre caps in your chosen colour. Dark Grey and Chrome, Force Red and Silver, Orange Racing and Piano Black…mix, match, combine and create. Nissan customised alloys and centre caps leave plenty of room for your imagination.


Never judge a book by its cover. Look at the interior too. Insider style – find your inner JUKE. Coordinate your exterior accessories with white, red or grey stitched floor mats and leather-style armrest (white stitching) or alcantara armrest. Highlight the look with white illuminated entry guards and set it all off with nifty sports pedals and footrest.


 For more information on Accessories for your Nissan, please contact your local dealer.



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