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Congratulations on purchasing your new Nissan. As a company which prides itself on the quality and reliability of all vehicles sold by our dealers, our care for our customers does not end when you drive away from the dealer site.

Your Nissan comes complete with a Nissan Pan Europe Service along side the Nissan warranty period.*

This complimentary service provided by Nissan gives you total motoring peace of mind 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, throughout Europe (West of the Urals) free of charge.
You will find full details of all the benefits Nissan Pan Europe Service offers you in this guide.
Nissan Pan Europe Service cover runs from the initial registration date of your vehicle.
For roadside assistance please call (ROI) 1800 26 42 64 and (Europe) 0044 161 210 3128

What Your Vehicle Cover Includes

Nissan Pan Europe Service provides a range of services to ensure that whatever happens in Europe when you are driving your Nissan vehicle, you can stay mobile with the minimum of inconvenience.

During the three year (or 100,000kms) coverage, your Nissan vehicle is covered regardless of who is driving as long as they have your authorisation and the appropriate driving license.

Main Services

Roadside Repair
Approximately half of all motoring problems can be resolved at the roadside by the assistance patrol enabling you to continue your journey with only a slight delay.

Towing service

If it is not possible to solve a problem at the roadside or your vehicle is immobilised in an accident, it will be recovered and towed to the nearest Nissan dealer for repair.

All Nissan vehicles are built to the highest standards to provide you with maximum reliability. However, journeys can still be delayed for many different reasons; for example, you may have no engine start, battery flat etc. With Nissan Pan Europe Service, your vehicle is covered for all these eventualities. Whatever your motoring problem, help is just a phone call away.

All you need to do is call the assistance number and give the following details:
Vehicle registration number
Registration Date
Type of vehicle and VIN number
Nature and place of the incident

Your Nissan Pan Europe Assistance Team

When you telephone for emergency assistance, your call will be answered by a specialist of the Nissan Pan Europe Service Team who will give you personal attention; and arrange any appropriate services you require to meet your particular needs.

The incident will be monitored through every stage, ensuring that you receive fast and efficient service. If the problem cannot be resolved at the roadside, your Nissan Pan Europe Service Specialist will discuss the options with you and provide the best solution to the situation. The Nissan Pan Europe Service Specialist will make sure you and your vehicle continue your journey with as little disruption as possible.

Please Note: A transient customer must present a correctly completed and stamped Warranty Booklet and Maintenance Record (WBMR) in order to receive a free of charge, transient warranty repair. Failure to do so may result in a refusal by a dealer to effect, a free of charge warranty repair.


Additional services are available if the breakdown occurs due to a warrantable defect. If the vehicle can not be repaired the same day and is not towed to home dealer* or vehicle is towed to home dealer outside opening hours, we can offer you one of the following solutions:

Replacement Vehicle

We can offer you a replacement vehicle to continue the journey and return to collect your vehicle for a maximum of 3 working days or until repair is competed whatever happens first.

Public Transport

You could also choose public transport to continue the journey for driver, passengers and return to collect the vehicle for driver:
Taxi up to 50km
Train (ship), 1st class
Plane ticket, economy class, if incident occurs more than 1000km from home

Hotel Accommodation

If you wish to wait at the site of repair of your vehicle, NISSAN PAN EUROPE SERVICE can also offer you accommodation including breakfast in a 3 star hotel or equivalent up to 3 working days maximum.

If the vehicle is immobilised while abroad or is unavailable for more than 3 working days due to a breakdown and has been towed to another NISSAN dealer other than the HOME dealer, Nissan Europe Service repatriates the vehicle, driver, passengers and luggage to the HOME dealer.

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