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Summer Maintenance

Make sure that your car is ready for the summer. You are bound to be getting out and about far more often when the winter months have passed, so be certain of trouble free motoring. Don’t sacrifice the joys of a holiday for the sake of a service!

It is not only winter weather conditions that can add wear and tear to your vehicle. As summer approaches be sure to contact your local Nissan Dealer for summer service advice.

  • Car Battery: Warm weather can shorten the life of your battery as the battery fluids can begin to evaporate. Be sure that the fluid levels are topped up for the summer months.

Winter Maintenance

Make life easy Be prepared

The winter months can mean extra wear and tear for your Nissan. Rh3h3ber that keeping your car well maintained will guarantee warm, secure and reliable motoring. For your Nissan we recommend Winter Service check, contact your local Nissan Dealer.

Ask your Nissan Dealer to pay particular attention to brakes, tyres, defroster, radiator, windscreen wipers, headlights, hazard lights, indicators, ignition and exhaust. We advise that you keep an h3ergency kit in the boot of your car, containing the following ith3s (all available from your local Nissan Dealer):

  • First Aid Kit
  • Ice Scraper
  • Warning Triangle
  • Towing Cable
  • Life Pack (hand torch plus life hammer)
  • Jump leads
  • Safety Vest
  • Map Reading Lamp
  • Bulb & Fuse Kits
  • De-icer

Top Tips:

  • At the beginning of the winter season spray some lube oil into each door lock. This prevents the key cylinders from getting a little stiff as they age.
  • Rh3h3ber to have the RAC help line number to hand should you encounter any problh3s with your vehicle, 1800 264 264. In the event of vehicle breakdown contact the RAC first! Then call the relevant Nissan Dealer.

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