Q : How can I contact Nissan Ireland?

If you need to contact Nissan, please write to:
Nissan Ireland,
Cedar House,
Park West Business Park,
Nangor Road,
Dublin 12,
You can e-mail Nissan on: sales@nissan.ie.
To contact us by phone please call 1850 302 302

Q : How can I find/contact a dealer?

Please choose your local area, for a list of NISSAN VEHICLE SALES Dealers near you. Click here to go to our dealer locator

Q : Where can I find press releases?

Click here for the most up to date news from Nissan.

Q : Where are Nissan’s headquarters in Japan?

Nissan’s Japanese headquarters (Nissan Motor Co. Limited) moved to Yokohama City, district 66 in Minato-Mirai in 2010.

The project was announced in June 2004 in Yokohama City by Nissan President and CEO Carlos Ghosn and Yokohama City Mayor Hiroshi Nakada.

“Moving our global and domestic operations to Yokohama makes a lot of sense for Nissan,” said Mr. Ghosn. “Our current facilities in Tokyo have served us well over the years, but the management of our global business will require a more advanced, flexible environment that will allow us to work more efficiently and cross-functionally.”

Nissan transferred  2,000 of the 3,000 employees based in Ginza, Tokyo to the new facility in Yokohama. Additionally, Nissan relocated its purchasing, manufacturing and logistics operations previously based in Ginza to its Atsugi Technical Center. The new facility became fully operational in 2010

Q : Where can I get a brochure or request a test-drive?

Click here to request a brochure

Click here to book a test drive

Q : Is Nissan working on a hybrid vehicle for Europe?

Nissan is developing its own hybrid technology. Where it will be launched is still to be decided, depending on market demand.

However, it is good to understand the limited benefits of the current systems – there is some fuel / CO2 advantage when driving in town but the range of electronic assistance is very short. When on the open road it becomes a disadvantage due the additional weight it has to carry. So, whether it is fair to call them ‘clean and green’ depends on the individuals driving characteristics. Future systems will need to be able to drive further on battery power to achieve a true benefit.

It should also be noted that currently most modern diesel engines will be more efficient than many petrol / hybrids.

Q : Where can I find the technical specifications for vehicles in the Nissan range?

Information on vehicles specifications is held within the brochures that Nissan produce for each model.

Q : When will your new models be launched?

A: Please refer to the Concept Cars page where all currently available information can be found regarding concept vehicles and upcoming additions to the Nissan range

Q : Where can I order a spare part?

You can order genuine Nissan parts at any approved Nissan dealer. So that they can process your order quickly and efficiently, you should go prepared with your vehicle’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), which you can find in your Warranty Information Booklet or on your Vehicle Registration Certificate.

Q : Where can I get technical information about my Nissan?

Our technical experts based within our authorised dealer network are best placed to offer technical guidance to our customers, and we have people in place at all of our Nissan dealers. If you contact one of these they will be able to give you the specialist advice that you need. To find details of your local Nissan dealer please click here.

Q : How can I find the key code of my Nissan vehicle?

The keys to every Nissan vehicle are given a special security code, to prevent the keys being replicated by a third party. For this reason, someone asking for the key code is asked to prove their ownership of the vehicle before the code can be given. Your local Nissan dealer can give you the key code of your vehicle. You should be prepared to present proof of ownership of the vehicle, such as the Vehicle Registration Certificate or original sales documentation. To find details of your local Nissan dealer please click here.

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