Leaf SV 40kW                        €29,890                             €3,500        €26,390
Leaf SV Premium 62kW                        €37,840                             €3,500        €34,340

How much scrappage can you get for your car?

Terms and conditions apply

Scrappage offer Terms and Conditions
  • This scrappage offer is only available on Nissan LEAF 40kW and 62kW vehicles.
  • Scrappage value offered varies depending on the model of interest chosen.
  • Available at participating dealers only.
  • Qualifying trade-in vehicles must be registered in the Republic of Ireland for at least 6 months prior to the date of trade in.
  • Qualifying trade-in vehicles must be registered in the same name as purchasing customer.
  • Qualifying trade-in vehicles must have valid NCT/CVRT(DOE) and road tax certificates.
  • Qualifying trade-in vehicles must have been insured for use on the road for at least three months in the 18 months prior to trade-in.
  • This is a mutually exclusive offer and cannot be combined with any other offers that may apply.
  • The offer is limited and may be withdrawn at any time at Nissan Ireland’s discretion.

Swap offer Terms and Conditions

  • The LEAF Guarantee promotion is available on Nissan LEAF 40kw SV & SV Premium variants only.
  • This offer is currently available for non-LEAF drivers only.
  • Car must be changed within 3 months of first registration or 3,000 km.
  • Colour choices are limited to the options available in stock within the three-month exchange period unless agreed by the selling Dealer.
  • The exchange options are as follows: Leaf SV to Qashqai 1.3 SE Manual. Leaf SV Premium to Qashqai 1.3 SV Premium Manual.
  • An upgrade to DCT (automatic) and/or add additional options such as leather or Safety Shield is possible by paying for the additional items as per the current retail price list.
  • The exchange can only take place with the selling Dealer.
  • Only the name of the person to whom the LEAF is first registered is permitted to exchange to a new vehicle.
  • Nissan will not be liable for any accessory or add on charges paid for on the original LEAF.
  • On purchase of a new LEAF, the customer will need to sign an exchange, fair wear & tear & mileage policy. Offer not valid without a signed policy.
  • All vehicles must be sourced from Nissan Ireland and purchased from an authorised Nissan Dealer in the Republic of Ireland.
  • The LEAF Guarantee promotion applies to retail sales only and excludes Fleet vehicles.
  • The LEAF Guarantee promotion is subject to any restrictions that may be applied via the customers financing arrangements on the initial LEAF purchase.
  • The LEAF Guarantee promotion is available at participating dealers only.
  • Nissan Ireland reserves the right to cancel the promotion at any stage.
  • Participation in this offer is hereby deemed to indicate acceptance of the terms and conditions as outlined. Any breach of these terms and conditions, as decided exclusively by Nissan Ireland will result in automatic disqualification.