Zero Emission Nissan

A Cleaner Air for Our Children

Air pollution and air quality is a real problem. Nissan have a real, reliable, zero emission solution: electric. By driving an electric vehicle, you reduce your level of pollution and build a better future for yourself and the generations to come.

Clearing The Air

From health problems and damage to wildlife, to acid rain and global warming, the harmful effects of air pollution are numerous. And they’re becoming worse. That’s why at Nissan, we're stepping up our efforts to combat the air quality problem. By driving Nissan electric vehicles, we can help you to reduce your carbon footprint and clean up the air. This means that you're not restricted by where you can drive because of your carbon emissions, you're free to move. For Nissan, a better quality of air is a better quality of life.

Clearing the Air
Low Emission and Air Quality

Leading the Fight, switch to electric

To beat air pollution, we have to cut out emissions. With no tailpipe emissions of CO2, or the air pollutants which have a detrimental effect on human health (particulate matter and NOx), Nissan electric vehicles are the answer. As EV pioneers with years of experience, we are leading the way by increasing the presence of electric vehicles, and so reducing the circulation of internal combustion engines and cutting down on emissions. It's an uphill battle, but in electric, we have a winning formula.

Congestion Charges

No More Congestion Charges

Around 95% of European city dwellers are exposed to harmful levels of air pollutants. So pervasive and dangerous is the problem, European governments have introduced an added incentive to go electric. If you own a Nissan electric vehicle, the government will recognise your contribution to the fight against air pollution, and your reward will be no more congestion charges. It’s a win-win situation.