Electric vehicle charging infrastructure

We're Taking Charge

With the largest electric vehicle charging infrastructure ever, and innovations that are continuously making charging quicker and easier, we’re turning our vision of an electric future into reality.

Fuel Station of the Future

Take a glimpse of our vision on how we foresee renewable energy being provided not only for Electric Vehicles but also used to power your home, office and even an entire city. Rather than continue to use fossil fuels that harm our environment and cause irreversible damage that will be detrimental to generations to come, Nissan's innovative proposal would leverage natural energy through cars to provide for our energy needs, and reclaim the green spaces on which power stations were built.

A Growing Family

We're not the only ones who are committed to electric. Having invested four billion dollars globally in battery development and electric vehicle infrastructure (charging stations, etc.), we've teamed up with the European Commision on nine continent-wide growth projects. On top of that, we've partnered up with the likes of Ikea, Enel, Autogrill and others to make sure that electric is easily accessible, so it can ease your everyday life. And it's only going to get bigger.

Nissan electric vehicles partnership