The Cleaner, Smarter Cities of the Future

The Cleaner, Smarter Cities of the Future

We imagine the cities of our future populated by our zero emission cars with charging points around every corner and everyone being able to charge at home. Smart cities where buildings, homes and vehicles are in sync. With our zero emission cars, we're taking the lead in ensuring a cleaner, greener and smarter living space for all to enjoy.

Powering an Entire City

Nissan electric vehicles are the only vehicles in the market primed for our future smart cities. With our vehicles as mobile energy hubs, our cities could be integrated, green living spaces. Electric vehicles, homes, offices, businesses and remote villages would combine to form a smart grid where second life batteries could be used to supply electricity. Clean, recycled energy would be shared, managed and never wasted by the people using it. Nissan electric vehicles are the fuel stations of the future.

A Vehicle Powering A City
Smart Cities by Nissan
Nissan Smart Cities

Street Smarts

At Nissan, we go beyond the car, and so we've created our innovative Vehicle-to-Grid technology. The movement is here. Soon city streets will be lined with houses using this advanced Nissan technology, so if you get home with plenty of charge to spare, your home can borrow energy from the vehicle battery or even sell it back to the grid. In times of peak usage and high demand, you'd be giving something back and supporting the city management system. No energy wasted, and more money made. Now that's smart.

Smart Cities and Vehicle-to-Grid technology
xStorage by Nissan system

Energy in Your Hands

With our groundbreaking xStorage system, you can save money and be completely in charge of your energy, charging up when off-peak electricity rates are in effect, before using the cache to power your home when rates are higher. But it gets better. The xStorage system is made from new or recycled Nissan electric batteries, and can also be charged up by your electric vehicle via our Vehicle-to-Grid. All energy recycled for a greener, more efficient lifestyle.