18th October 2024: Nissan is experiencing a massive shift towards hybrid driving and a record number of test drives after introducing an offer that provides new car buyers with two new cars for the price of one.

The new ‘Nissan 2-4-1’ deal is available on the Nissan Juke, Qashqai and X-Trail models and anyone who buys one of these cars as a new 241 Nissan this year will receive a new 251 Nissan next year for free.

The Republic of Ireland football team were on hand last week to promote the offer and to experience how Nissan’s full range of electric, hybrid and mild hybrid vehicles is helping drivers to find the electrified car that is right for them.

Nissan’s dealerships have been inundated with test drive bookings since the recent launch of the all-new Qashqai e-POWER and X-Trail e-POWER which allow drivers to enjoy all the benefits of EV driving without having to plug in the car to recharge it.

The Nissan Qashqai e-POWER has already become Ireland’s best-selling hybrid crossover in its class. It drives in electric mode 100% of the time and the petrol engine is solely used to charge a battery that powers an electric motor to drive the wheels.  

Nissan’s e-POWER technology offers a unique solution to drivers who are not quite ready to make the move to a fully electric vehicle, but who want a spacious family car that drives like an EV, that optimises fuel efficiency and that lowers C02 emissions.

Nissan has reinvented the crossover segment that it created in 2007 with the launch of the Qashqai e-POWER and X-Trail e-POWER and both vehicles are proving to be very popular with drivers who are switching to hybrid driving as a step towards driving a full EV in the future.

“Nissan’s e-POWER technology is revolutionising hybrid driving and our 2-4-1 offer presents a unique opportunity for new car buyers to experience it for themselves, to buy a new 241 car this year and to get a new 251 car next year for free,” said Neil O’Sullivan, Head of Sales at Nissan Ireland.

“There is no question that new car buyers are switching to hybrid and moving out of diesel. Nissan is ideally placed to meet their needs and test drivers who have experienced Nissan’s e-POWER technology are going on to buy the car because it drives in electric mode 100% of the time without having to recharge it,” he added.

The Nissan Qashqai has also been electrified as a mild hybrid to help families to make the switch to electric driving. The new mild hybrid version is a game-changer for families who want to drive electric and to reduce their C02 emissions while enjoying the comforts and familiarity of Ireland’s best-selling crossover.

The car uses a petrol engine to power the wheels while a lithium battery provides support. Its hybrid system provides torque assist, extended idle stop, quick restart and coasting stop, storing energy to power the vehicle’s electrical equipment and to lower fuel consumption.

The new Nissan JUKE Hybrid, meanwhile, provides drivers with a hybrid solution that is a step up from the mild hybrid offering. It starts in 100% electric mode and can reach speeds of up to 55 kph in pure EV mode thanks to an advanced multi-modal hybrid powertrain which prioritises fuel efficiency, responsiveness, and a harmonious drive.

All Nissan vehicles are packed with technology and innovative safety features. They have been specially designed to meet the needs of tech-savvy customers and to be a partner in an increasingly connected world, offering seamless, personal assistances and responses. e-Pedal also allows drivers to launch, accelerate and decelerate using only the accelerator.

Customers can test-drive the full Nissan electrified range and learn more about the ‘Nissan 2-4-1’ offer and the terms and conditions that apply by visiting their local Nissan dealer or www.nissan.ie. Customers who don’t wish to avail of the ‘Nissan 2-4-1’ deal can also avail of 3.99% APR finance across the Nissan range.