1st of November: Nissan has dropped €5,000 off the cost of buying the 100% electric Nissan LEAF with its unique 241 offer making it possible for motorists to get behind the wheel of the popular EV for just €28,495.

The €5,000 price drop is available on the 40kWh Nissan LEAF and Nissan is also offering 0% finance to anyone who wants to finance the cost of buying the car through hire purchase or PCP.

The Nissan LEAF has been one of Ireland’s best-selling EVs since its launch over a decade ago and the opportunity to save €5,000 and to avail of 0% finance on the price of the car has now made it Ireland’s best value electric vehicle.

The 40 kWh Nissan LEAF has a range of up to 270 kilometres. It is a popular choice for new car buyers who are making the switch to EV driving and for families who are also choosing it as an ideal second car.

Nissan’s reputation as EV leaders and pioneers has attracted thousands of Irish EV buyers to choose the zero emissions vehicle as the most effective way to reduce their carbon footprint and motoring costs.

The Nissan LEAF is also the world’s favourite EV with more than 100 global awards, giving new car buyers the opportunity to buy with confidence at a time when there is a choice of over 70 EVs on the market.

“There has never been a better time to buy a Nissan LEAF to make the switch to electric driving. Nissan are EV experts and the Nissan LEAF price drop and 0% finance deal offers real value as well as an opportunity to go green and to become more sustainable,’ said Neil O’Sullivan, Sales Director at Nissan Ireland.

“The Nissan LEAF is well established as one of Ireland’s best-selling EVs because it offers a range of 270 kilometres on a single charge. It is a well spec-ed car with a good-sized boot and spacious interior to meet the needs of any family or business,” he added.

Nissan has also introduced a number of other great 241 offers for customers, including the Nissan 2-4-1 deal that provides new car buyers with two new cars for the price of one, or a low rate of 3.99% PCP finance across the Nissan range.

Customers can test drive the Nissan LEAF and learn more about the Nissan LEAF €5,000 price drop and 0% finance offer by visiting their local Nissan dealer or www.nissan.ie