Nissan has scooped the UK’s Auto Express Car of the Year 2022 with its new electric Ariya – along with the title for best mid-sized company car.
The judges describe it as “a comfortable ride and superb refinement with impressive agility for a big car”.
Auto Express's expert judges say the Ariya won because it is a practical, refined and feature-packed car in general - rather than an EV in particular - signalling another milestone passed in the journey to EVs becoming a mainstream motoring option.
The Ariya is Nissan's second mass-market EV following its pioneering Leaf, arguably the EV that first made electric driving affordable.
Auto Express claims its annual awards are the most customer-focused car awards in the UK, recommending models across categories that are set, like the judging criteria, following research into the wants and needs of real car buyers.
Steve Fowler, editor-in-chief at Auto Express, said: "The new Nissan Ariya is quite simply a fantastic new car – it just so happens to be an EV, too. It’s so cleverly thought through, buyers will find it really easy and enjoyable to live with, while it drives superbly, looks great and is the most premium-feeling Nissan we’ve ever seen.