29th May 2024: Taxi drivers are smiling all the way to the rank thanks to a generous Government grant scheme and a new Nissan trade-in booster which has made it possible for them to buy a brand-new EV for just €1,995.

The incredible deal has been made possible thanks to the Government’s eSPSV grant which covers €20,000 of the cost of buying an EV as a taxi, and Nissan’s new €6,500 trade-in booster offer for Nissan LEAF buyers.

It is enabling thousands of taxi drivers to pick up the bargain of a lifetime and get behind the wheel of a brand new 40 kWh Nissan LEAF for less than the cost of a family holiday.

‘This deal is a no-brainer for taxi drivers who are eligible for grants of up to €20,000 under the Government’s eSPSV Grant Scheme which is purposely designed to assist them in transitioning to electric vehicles,’ said Neil O’Sullivan, Head of Sales at Nissan Ireland.

“Nissan is also extending the €6,500 trade-in booster offer to private car owners who automatically qualify for the Government’s EV grant of €3,500. That amounts to a saving of €10,000 on a new Nissan LEAF bringing the starting price to just €21,995 for private owners, making it the best value new EV on the market in Ireland’ he added.

Dublin taxi driver, Paul Clooney, who drives for Gala Cabs in Ballyfermot, couldn’t believe his luck when he went to trade in his Nissan LEAF taxi having clocked up over 300,000 kilometres in the car over the past six years.

‘It’s an unbelievable car and unbelievable deal. A no-brainer really. I got 300,000 kilometres out of my 40 kWh Nissan LEAF and I have spent nothing on it over the years except for the cost of new tyres and wipers. You can’t say that about any other taxi out there,’ said Paul.

‘I’ve gone for the same car again. The only difference is the colour. You can get it for €1,955 with the Government grant of €20,000, which is absolutely incredible. I paid €3,900 because I went for a higher spec but it’s still saving me a fortune. I’d rather be enjoying life in Fuerteventura than having the money tied up in a car,’ he added.

‘I know everything there is to know about the Nissan LEAF having driven 300,000 kilometers in it over six years. It’s a super car and it saves you a fortune on running costs. I don’t do 12 hour shifts anymore, no one does, the industry has changed. I do four or five jobs, go home, charge the car when I’m having a cup of tea and head back out again. I couldn’t find a better car for that’ he continued

‘I’m currently ranked Number 1 in Ireland and in the Top 5 in the world by Nissan for ‘Distance travelled in a Nissan LEAF’. My position in the Top 5 in the world changes from week to week but I’m usually at the top of the charts, which is a nice to see’ he added.


Nissan’s €6,500 trade in booster is available to all customers, taxi and private car owners alike, who want to switch into a Nissan LEAF up to 30th June. Further details are available from local Nissan dealerships or by visiting their local Nissan dealer or www.nissan.ie