Dublin’ Q102 is going green by becoming the first radio in the city to make the switch to driving the 100% electric Nissan LEAF.

Listeners to the popular radio station are amongst the most environmentally conscious and the decision to go all electric demonstrates Q102’s determination to lead by example when it comes to reducing carbon emissions. 

The station has taken delivery of three new Nissan LEAFs and all three cars will be used by its Blue Crew who are a familiar sight on the streets of the city.  

“I am delighted to partner with Nissan for Q102’s new street fleet. The zero emissions Nissan LEAF is a perfect fit, reflecting our commitment and that of our listeners to reduce carbon emissions and to protect our environment for future generations,” said Margaret Nelson, Dublin Q102’s Station Director.  

“Our typical Q102 listener is a mother of two who values the importance of protecting the environment and who aspires to create a greener and cleaner world for her children. The Nissan LEAF is such a perfect fit for anyone who wants to contribute to achieving that goal,” she added.  

With a range of over 300 kilometres on a single charge the Nissan LEAF is set to  greatly reduce the radio station’s carbon footprint while also saving it up to €6,000 a year in car running costs.

Nissan has applauded Q102 for its green credentials and for making the switch to zero emissions driving.

“The Nissan LEAF is the world and Ireland’s best-selling EV. The Q102 Blue Crew travel the length and breadth of the city each day and we are delighted that they will now do so in the 100% electric, zero emissions Nissan LEAF,” said Jeanne McGann, Marketing and Communications Director at Nissan Ireland.  

“Q102 is to be applauded for leading by example and for taking such a positive step to reduce its own carbon footprint. Their decision to drive Nissan LEAF is certain to inspire listeners to make the switch to 100% electric driving and to join Q102 in doing all they can to protect our environment and to help create a greener Dublin,” she added.  

“The Nissan LEAF is an ideal city car with its ePedal function making it easy to start, accelerate, brake and to bring the car to a stop with the throttle pedal.  We are certain that the Blue Crew will enjoy all that it has to offer and that their new EVs will receive even more attention as they make their way to events throughout the city”.