Trade in Booster

Trade In Booster


It's simple.

Get more than your current car is worth on any 242 Nissan.

  • Recieve a €2,000 trade-in booster on Juke and Juke Hybrid.
  • Recieve a €2,000 trade-in booster on Ariya.
  • Recieve a €2,500 trade-in booster on Qashqai e-POWER and Qashqai Mild Hybrid.
  • Recieve a €3,000 trade-in booster on X-Trail e-POWER.
  • Recieve a €6,500 trade-in booster on LEAF.
Summer Trade in Offer 2024
Model RRP Trade in Booster RRP After Trade in Booster
LEAF XE 40kWh  €29,058.00 €6,500.00 €22,558.00
Juke 1.0 PET SV €29,400.00 €2,000.00 €27,400.00
Juke Hybrid 1.6 PET SV Premium €34,600.00 €2,000.00 €32,600.00
Qashqai Mild Hybrid 1.3 PET XE €36,100.00 €2,500.00 €33,600.00
Qashqai e-POWER SV €44,000.00 €2,500.00 €41,500.00
X-Trail e-POWER SV 5 Seater €49,495.00 €3,000.00 €46,495.00
X-Trail e-POWER SV 7 Seater €59,245.00 €3,000.00 €56,245.00
Ariya 63kW Engage €39,995.00 €2,000.00 €37,995.00
Ariya 63kW Advance €42,995.00 €2,000.00 €40,995.00
ARIYA 87kW Advance €51,995.00 €2,000.00 €49,995.00

Prices exclude delivery and related charges.

All EV Models and inclusive of SEAI grant.

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All offers are limited and may be withdrawn at any time at Nissan Ireland’s discretion. Offers cannot be combined. Participating dealers only. Offer ends 31st July 2024.